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Fertility Authority's Blog of the Week: Baby Steps

The blog we’d like to feature this week is Baby Steps.

Jules, the author of Baby Steps, and her husband started trying to conceive in September 2011 after their first anniversary. She went to her doctor for her annual exam in February 2012 and expressed her concerns about her irregular cycles and not being successful in their trying to conceive efforts. The doctor did some blood work but unfortunately, mostly brushed Jules’s concerns off.

In June 2012, she was referred to an OB/GYN and was prescribed Clomid. Her husband also saw a urologist to check things and was told there was nothing to worry about on his part. After three failed timed cycles however, she was referred to a nurse practitioner who specialized in monitored cycles, and in October 2012, she was finally and officially diagnosed with PCOS.

She continued to see the Nurse Practitioner trying Clomid, a low dose of Letrozole, and one round of Follistim injections until July of 2013. When none of those treatments were successful and her HSG came back clear, she was then referred to her current Reproductive Endocrinologist. Her husband did another sperm analysis and was told that they did, in fact, have a male factor issue as well. They are now currently working on their first IUI cycle.

Jules started the blog as a way for her to talk about her baby fever and trying to conceive without driving her husband crazy. “I might have been a tad obsessed”, she says. “As we continued to have problems, it was a great way to vent my frustrations about all of our failed cycles, celebrate the few wins we experienced, and attempt to connect with others who are in a similar situation. It also serves as a bit of a diary for me to remember special moments with my family, document the (very slow) transformation our 100 year old farmhouse, and other random life things.”

When asked what she hopes her reader get from her blog, she answered, “I have gained so much knowledge and support from so many amazing women in the infertility blogging community, and I hope that women who are going through similar situations will be able to find the same support and sense of community from me.”

Please visit Baby Steps at:

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