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Fertility Authority's Blog of the Week: Laughing at the I Word

The blog we’d like to feature this week is Laughing at the I Word.

Sara always knew she wanted to have kids. She dreamed about being a mom and knew that it would one day be her greatest accomplishment. She and her husband tried to conceive “the old fashioned way” for about seven months before they sought out a fertility evaluation. Sara never expected to have any issues conceiving because, in her mind, she was only 31 years old.

After two IVF cycles resulted in miscarriage, Sara went on to conceive her first son via a third IVF cycle. When it came time to try for baby #2, Sara conceived naturally but sadly had another chemical miscarriage. She and her husband moved on to their fourth IVF cycle by which their second son was conceived.

Like so many, Sara has experienced the excruciating emotional roller coaster of a life comprised of learning of my infertility, the acceptance of her condition, and the determination to take control to seek a positive outcome despite what seemed to be insurmountable odds. She is no stranger to the hope and expectation of success that comes with committing to IVF, the hurt and anger of miscarriage, and the joy of finally becoming a mother.

Laughing at the I Word is a place where like-minded people can learn from others, keep up a positive outlook and laugh in the face of infertility. “For me, laughing was a key element of how I coped with the bad luck situation I was in - I tried to laugh more and cry less (But believe me I cried & cried & cried...) My goal is to show that the subject matter of infertility is not to be considered taboo, as I share my personal experiences that ultimately led me to successfully trade the label of infertile for mother. [During my infertility], I leaned on my family and friends and along the way tried to connect others to get them the help they needed in an effort to make a woman’s hard times easier and get her the help she needs faster – and maybe the occasional humorous anecdote to inject the necessary levity. So my blog is an opportunity to continue that,” Sara says.

Please visit Laughing at the I Word at

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