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Fertility Authority's Blog of the Week: Lessons Learned

The blog we’d like to feature this week is Lessons Learned.

Maya Moskin, LCSW, RYT, is a licensed psychotherapist and certified yoga instructor who uses both mind and body therapies for helping couples through their infertility journey. Maya’s decision to help those struggling to build a family was founded on her own experience with infertility.

Maya shares her story with IVF in her personal blog and is working on a book and documentary. Maya also blogs for us at Fertility Authority to offer greater support resources to the infertility community. Please visit Maya’s blog for Fertility Authority, Lessons Learned, by clicking here.

Some of Maya’s most helpful blogs for coping with infertility include:

What should you do if you and your partner are not on the same page regarding treatment?
Relationship Survival on Infertility Island

How do you decide the next steps in treatment, finding a new doctor, or when to call it quits?
The Decision-Making Dilemma

How can you stay mentally, physically, and emotionally balanced while trying to conceive?
Top 5 Ways to Stay Sane on the Infertility Island

For additional support and information through the infertility process, visit

Watch as Dr. Mark Leondires of RMA Connecticut advises the best ways to optimize your IVF cycle:

Click image to play.

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