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Fertility Authority's Blog of the Week: Whitney and Erick

The blog we’d like to feature this week is Whitney and Erick.

Like many fertility patients, Whitney and Erick have tried it all to have a baby. They began with intrauterine insemination (IUI) and quickly moved through three cycles before progressing to in vitro fertilization (IVF). Six cycles of fertility treatment led to five pregnancies and five miscarriages. Whitney was then diagnosed with luteal phase defect, a septate uterus, and Factor V Leiden, a blood clotting disorder. Her case proved to be a complex one, and it seemed doctors could not nail down a successful treatment for her condition. Whitney and Erick turned to gestational surrogacy with IVF and CGH embryo testing, and have since welcomed their beautiful twins.

Whitney began blogging about infertility as a way of working through her emotions. “Sometimes I would sit down to write not knowing how I felt and leaving the computer with a better handle on my own feelings,” she says. Whitney also took the opportunity to educate her readers about specific concerns during the fertility journey. Her most popular blog posts were about first-hand experiences like ovarian hyperstimulation, recurrent pregnancy loss, miscarriage testing, and how to pursue surrogacy in Virginia. Whitney recounts: “[That post] was the best because without it my babies wouldn't exist -- my surrogate read it and then contacted me and offered to carry for us. WOW! What if I hadn't written that?”

She hopes her readers walk away from her blog with new information to help them feel empowered and supported. Whitney also hopes her readers will consider getting involved in infertility advocacy efforts as a way to cope with the disease and fight back.

Please visit Whitney’s blog at:

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