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Fertility Authority's Recipe for Matching You to a Fertility Doctor

So, you’ve found yourself sorting through SART success rates trying to find the BEST of the BEST fertility clinics and doctors. The fact of the matter is there are more ingredients to a great fertility doctor than just statistics and dollar signs! Here is Fertility Authority’s recipe for finding the match that’s right for YOU:

4 cups of convenience: appointment times, locations, and promptly returned calls
3 cups of a great recommendation from Fertility Authority’s Patient Care Team (just like getting travel or restaurant recommendations, you know our Patient Care Coordinators stand behind our doctors!)
¾ cup of experience and specialization in your diagnosis
3 tablespoons of the latest technology or willingness to accommodate a challenging case
4 teaspoons of that great connection you should feel when trusting someone with your uterus and future children
A dash of testimonials from current and former patients on Fertile
A pinch of bedside manner and compassion

Stir until blended well. Bake on 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Doctor shaped cookie cutters optional.

If you’re looking for the perfect fertility doctor FOR YOU, we can certainly help! Give us a call at 855-955-BABY (2229) or fill out a Contact Fertility Doctors Near Me Form today!

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