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The Fertility Clinic Graduate

Congratulations to the Fertility Clinic Graduating Class of 2011! (And no, you don’t have to wear a cap and gown.)

There comes a time when you must leave or move on from your fertility clinic. Whether it is because you're pregnant (hooray!) or you just need a break, moving on from the fertility clinic can be difficult in different ways.

If you’re pregnant, you’re no doubt very happy about moving on to the next stage of your pregnancy, but you might still feel scared without your safety net. After all, your fertility doctor and the rest of the staff has been there for you to answer questions and help you along the way, and you might feel like your OB will have less time to reassure all your worries.

If you decide to leave your fertility clinic or just take a break from trying to get pregnant for awhile, it’s also a time of both relief and worry. You’re relieved because you just need a break from fertility, but you’re not sure what happens next.

So enjoy your Fertility Clinic Graduation Day — it may just allow you to move on and get to the place where you need to be.