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Fertility Doctor, You're Fired!

Firing your fertility doctor (reproductive endocrinologist) can be a difficult decision. Perhaps you’re leaving him or her because you haven’t gotten pregnant yet and just need a second opinion.

Leaving your clinic can often be both a challenging and rewarding experience. After all, you might be comfortable at your clinic, you’ve built trust with the nurses and maybe even made friends with some of the patients. You might even think that your fertility doctor is doing a great job, and it’s not his or her fault you are not pregnant yet.

But sometimes, finding a new fertility doctor also means hope. Perhaps you need a fresh pair of eyes to review your protocol or a doctor who specializes in miscarriage or your specific infertility issue. You may feel like it’s starting from scratch all over again, but it’s not. You have background knowledge about your body, and you already know what does or does not work for you. Moving forward might be difficult, but could be worth it in the end.

As Donald Trump would say “Fertility Doctor, you’re fired!”