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Fertility Drug Tips for Memorial Day and Summer Travel

Memorial Day kicks off the start of the summer season for most of us which means an influx of barbeques, beach trips, and out of town travel. Here are four tips for safely traveling with your fertility drugs, keeping fertility drugs cool, and being prepared:

  1. Ask your fertility doctor or nurse about which drugs should stay cold and which fertility drugs should stay at room temperature. Fertility drugs that require refrigeration should be packed in a zipped plastic bag then stored in an insulated bag or cooler. Transfer your drugs to a refrigerator as soon as possible.
  2. Make sure you have filled your prescriptions in advance and try to stick to an average dosing timeline before or after you hit the road for Memorial Day or summer travel. Even if you plan to relax in the backyard, remember that many pharmacies will be closed for long holiday weekends. Plan accordingly.
  3. If you are planning on air travel, make sure you have a doctor’s note which allows you to pass through security with your medication and syringes.
  4. Find out the name contact information for local pharmacies in case you need a prescription in a pinch. Your on-call fertility doctor or nurse may be able to call in a prescription for you if needed. Keep those holiday hours in mind, however.

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