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The Fertility Nurse

Oftentimes, the fertility nurse is your main point of contact at the clinic. You might even see the nurse more than your actual doctor!

Most likely, the nurse is the one who meets with you after your blood and ultrasound appointments. They are the ones you’ve cried to or gained support from, and they are also the people who deliver the good news to you (Congratulations, you are pregnant!) or the bad news (Sorry, your test came back negative.)

The nurse plays an important role during your fertility journey, and it’s good to establish a supportive relationship with her or him. How can you do this? Here are a few tips in establishing a good relationship with your nurse.

  1. Remember to thank them. The doctors get thank you cards all the time, but the nurses are often forgotten. When you get pregnant, we’re sure they would appreciate a thank you card too!
  2. Don’t blame them for delivering bad news. It’s hard for you to hear negative test results, but don’t hate the nurse for being the bearer of bad news. It’s pretty certain that that’s probably the worst part of their job.
  3. Ask to speak to your favorite nurse. It’s normal to have a favorite nurse whom you feel comfortable talking to, and it never hurts to see if he or she is available. Who wants to speak to a grumpy old fertility nurse anyway!

Just remember that the nurse is there to help you!