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Fertility Wives' Tales

Your mother might have told you that drinking her fertility smoothie will get you pregnant. Your friend told you to try a fertility dance with your partner after midnight. Your grandmother made you drink a special fertility tea.

You’ve probably heard many old wives’ tales and advice about getting pregnant, and so far, you’ve tried a few and had no luck. Here are some other fertility tales that don’t necessarily ring true:

  • You cannot get pregnant while standing up. False. If you’re having sexual intercourse, a pregnancy is always possible, regardless of whether you are lying down or having some fun in the airplane bathroom.
  • You cannot get pregnant while on your period. False. Since every body is different, a pregnancy is always possible. (Haven’t you heard about the teenager who accidentally conceived while on her period?) It still happens!
  • Your sister got pregnant easily, and so will you. False. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. One sibling may conceive easily, while the other might experience infertility.

Before you believe any fertility wives tales, it’s always best just ask a fertility doctor.

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