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Finding a Good Fertility Doctor

There are some excellent reproductive specialists out there, but finding the right doctor for you can be overwhelming. Before you schedule your first fertility appointment, do your research and make sure that the doctor is recommended and will listen to your needs and concerns.

Be very wary if your fertility doctor does any of the following…

    1. Beware if the fertility doctor’s car license plate reads “The Octo Docto.”

    2. Make sure the fertility clinic has good credentials. If there motto is “Wee Wee get you Pregnant,” you might want to try another clinic.

    3. Check out the clinic’s name. If it’s called “Fertility Clinic and Hot Dog Stand: Now Serving Brunch,” you might wish to take your uterus elsewhere.

    4. Make sure the doctor can pronounce fertility words correctly. You don’t want a doctor who wants to increase your fat-ility, test your ovulactation or implant your embrellas.

    5. Leave the office if they have a sign on their door that reads “Just relax and it will happen.”

From the (extremely hilarious) blog 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility.