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Freedom on Independence Day

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and Fertility Authority wishes you a Happy Independence Day! We hope you're taking the day off to enjoy grilling out, the pool, the beach, the mountains, the fireworks — or just a day relaxing on the couch. Whatever you want to do to celebrate our country's freedom!

At FertilityAuthority, we'd like to celebrate by granting you freedom for one day. If you:

  • Are looking for ways to save on multiple cycles of IVF with IVFAdvantage. Freedom from emptying your savings with lower cost (affordable, not free) packages of IVF.
  • Are considering freezing your eggs for fertility preservation with EggBanxx. Freedom to focus on your career and social life, with egg freezing discounts and low monthly payments.
  • Are trying to get pregnant. Freedom from pesky questions from friends and family about what's taking so long.
  • Are taking your fertility meds. Freedom from any annoying side effects.
  • Are in the two-week wait. Freedom from the desire to do an at-home pregnancy test before you head out for fireworks.
  • Are pregnant. Freedom from worrying about miscarriage or whether the baby will be healthy.
  • Have a failed IVF. Freedom from all pain and sadness for at least one day.

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