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Give me an I!

Give me an I! Give me a V! Give me an F! What does that spell? IVF!!

In vitro fertilization can be a scary and emotional process for many couples but it can also be an exhilarating and exciting time. Finally, you are trying a procedure that may actually work. That is reason to cheer! Now, you don’t necessarily need to go out and purchase a cheerleading outfit (you would look really cute) but it’s okay to be scared and excited all in one. Make sure that you have some supportive cheerleaders on your side (like your parents and friends) and go into the IVF process with everything you have and all the hope you can muster.

If you need to buy that cheerleading outfit, go ahead and make sure you wear it to your embryo retrieval appointment as well! Give me an H. O. P. E. What does that spell? HOPE!