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Gonal What?

Gonal F. Menopur. Repronex. Clomid. Progesterone.

Taking fertility drugs can be an overwhelming process. All of a sudden, you introduce your body to a wide range of new hormones, and you have to stick needles where the sun won’t shine.

Although fertility drugs may have complicated names, these medications are actually nothing to be afraid of. They can regulate your body's hormone production, stimulate egg follicle growth, and encourage ovulation — everything you need to do to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

If you’re confused about how to administer your fertility drugs, make sure to speak to your fertility doctor about how to take them properly. Taking these fertility drugs properly is extremely important to the success of your fertility treatment cycle (though every fertility treatment protocol provides a little leeway to account for patient error, but do your best to follow doctor's orders).

When in doubt, ask a professional and read the instructions carefully.