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Happy Clomid Day!

February is supposed to be the month of love. Couples celebrate Valentine’s Day, and parents make heart-shaped cupcakes for their little ones.

When you’re struggling with infertility, holidays can be difficult, and sometimes you just aren’t in the mood to celebrate. So just for you, we’ve decided to create some facetious holidays that may suit you better.

  • Infertility Valentine’s Day: A holiday where you can eat as much chocolate as you want and you won’t gain weight.
  • International Clomid Mood Swing Day: Be as moody as you want and no one will get mad at you!
  • Positive Pregnancy Test Day: Every pregnancy stick you pee on will turn positive (whether you’re pregnant or not).
  • Your-Fertility-Clinic-Will-Call-You-Back Day: Ever get annoyed when you’re fertility clinic doesn’t call you right back? Not on this day! They’ll call you right away (and with good news only).

So don’t let the holidays bum you out this year, just find a holiday that suits you better!