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Having a Manic Monday?

Having a Manic Monday and wish it were Sunday? We hear you.

Sometimes you just feel too emotionally drained on a Monday morning and wish you could stay in bed all day (or maybe even all month). Get your Monday off to the right start! Read your FertilityAuthority Daily Shot, treat yourself to a delicious breakfast and kiss your special someone. It’s a new day, a new week of hope, a new cycle or perhaps even a new two-week wait.

Turn to some online buddies who can offer support and encouragement. Turn the beginning of your workday into a Marvelous Monday (instead of a Moody Monday) and know that this week will be the start of something new, exciting and positive!

A Marvelous Monday can turn into a Terrific Tuesday, a Wonderful Wednesday, a Tacky Thursday and could even lead to a Fertile Friday!