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He's Just Not That Into Me

Remember the days when you and your sweetheart went out on a date and later came back home for a little romance?

Now, you're trying to get pregnant, and you have to chart your temperature and make sure you’re ovulating before you and your partner can have some fun. With all of this work, you may get the feeling that he's just not that into you.

Baby-making sex can be stressful on a relationship. You might feel extra upset if he wants to go out with the guys during your peak ovulation period, or you may feel angry if he has a business trip during your baby-making days. Stress can lead to fighting.

It's important to remember that baby-making intercourse can (and should be) at least a little fun. Instead of saying “Honey, I’m ovulating. We have to have sex,” try saying “Honey, how about a sexy rendezvous after work today?” Baby-making sex doesn’t have to be a chore. Set the mood and let the romance begin.