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Honey, I Love You, but STOP Putting Your Laptop in Your Lap

Trying to get pregnant? Don’t forget that your male partner plays an important role in getting you pregnant. To keep your man fertile (or make him even more fertile), here are five fast tips for your wanna-be daddy.

  1. Avoid whirlpools and hot tubs. Sorry boys, but going into a hot bath can reduce your count.
  2. Throw out the briefs. Make sure he switches from briefs to boxers to avoid overheating his parts.
  3. Boost his fertility with vitamins. Speak to the doctor about a good multi-vitamin for those wanna-be daddies.
  4. Make sure his laptop stays away from his lap.
  5. Now is not the time to start cycling. Tell him to find another activity that lets his boys breathe a little more.