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How Do I Take Progesterone During Fertility Treatment?

It’s often called the pregnancy hormone, so it’s no surprise that progesterone can be beneficial in your trying-to-conceive journey. That’s because this naturally-occurring hormone prepares the uterus for implantation by thickening it, so the embryo can latch on and grow.

Natural progesterone is used in many fertility clinics as a supplement to help their patients conceive, and it’s available in many different forms. We give you the breakdown below:

Vaginal Gel
This once-a-day supplementation is FDA-approved for ART, and many women prefer the gel for comfort and convenience over the other forms of progesterone. Brand names include Crinone and Prochieve.

Vaginal Inserts
These are FDA approved for progesterone supplementation, but not for replacement. They’re used two to three times a day. The brand name Endometrin is a type of this insert.

Vaginal Suppositories
These widely used but not FDA-approved suppositories are made by specialty pharmacists. They’re used two to three times a day, but usage can be messy.

Progesterone Injections
The injections are given in an oil-based solution, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as progesterone-in-oil. This is the oldest, most established vehicle for progesterone delivery. These intramuscular injections are often injected into the buttocks once a day, which may be painful and lead to skin reactions.

Have any questions about which form of progesterone is right for you? Bring up your concerns with your fertility doctor—he or she can help you determine which may work best for you.

Watch as Dr. Elena Yanushpolsky, an infertility specialist with the Center for Infertility and Reproductive Services at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, defines and discusses progesterone supplementation with IVF:

Click image to play.

Still have questions about the role of progesterone in an IVF cycle? Drop by where you will connect with women and men currently trying to conceive, recovering from pregnancy loss, navigating through fertility treatment, and joining the ranks of new parents!

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