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How Many Times Did You Hear 'I'm Pregnant ... April Fools!'

April Fools Day has passed, but we're sure you have heard this joke many times:

    I'm pregnant ... APRIL FOOLS! Ha ha.

This is not amusing when you are trying so hard to conceive. But in honor of April, we have a few more (not-so-funny) April Fools tricks.

    Your Fertility Doctor: Sorry to tell you this but we had to cancel your IVF cycle ... April Fools! Just kidding!

    Your Fertility Nurse: Unfortunately, your blood test results came back negative. You’re not pregnant ... April Fools! Kidding! You really are pregnant!

    Your Husband’s Urologist: It looks like his sperm count has increased dramatically ... Just kidding. April Fools. It’s still pretty low.

    Your Basal Thermometer: Your temperature is dropping ... April Fools! You temperature is still high.

    Your Toilet Paper: I think you are starting to spot ... April Fools! You period is still late!

    Your Pharmacy: All your fertility drugs are free this month ... Just kidding! It will still cost you $5,000.

    Your Sister: I’m pregnant again for the fourth time and we weren’t even trying ... April Fools!

Aren't you glad the day is over?