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How Much Will a Baby Cost?

When you are so focused on actually trying to get pregnant, you might have no idea how much raising a child will actually cost you — especially when you are spending so much money on fertility treatment costs.

Oftentimes, couples might struggle initially because they are not financially prepared. Many couples can spend $10,000 in their first year alone, as they need to purchase all the necessary baby items for the first time.

If that price tag makes you want to go back on the birth control pill, there are other ways to save costs in your baby’s first year, including:

  • breastfeeding (instead of buying formula)
  • using cloth diapers
  • registering for necessary baby shower gifts
  • purchasing items secondhand or borrowing from your mommy friends.

To avoid financial stress, talk to your partner before you get pregnant and start saving now.

Remember these cute little babies grow into much more expensive toddlers.

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