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How Old Is Too Old to Have a Baby?

It depends who you ask. If you ask your friend, she might say “42.” Your brother might say “38.” Your mom, “33.”

Now ask your fertility doctor. She’s likely to say something like, “Well, women are born with a set amount of eggs. The quality of her eggs decreases with her age. It can be more difficult for women to have a viable pregnancy using those eggs. But we have seen patients who can conceive up to the age of about 45.“

That’s just a snippet of what a doctor might say. Obviously, each woman’s case is different. And if a woman wants to conceive later in life and does not have the use of her own eggs, she also has the option using donor eggs — a practice that is becoming more popular and more successful.

The discussion about age and parenthood isn’t just medical, though. It’s social and economical. So that’s why your mom might think you should have a baby when you’re young. Her generation started earlier. You friend who said “42” probably understands more about deciding to wait and then fulfilling your dream of being a parent whatever the cost.

There’s a big difference between what's possible and what's easy. And everyone seems to have an opinion.

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