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How to Support a Friend During Infertility

Share this list with any friend, co-worker or family member who keeps giving you fertility advice. And share it with other friends who are TTC — they can pass it along to their well-meaning posse, too.

  1. Never tell us to just relax. Infertility is a very stressful time in our lives, and we are trying to relax. As far as we know, relaxing alone won’t unblock our fallopian tubes.
  2. Be sensitive when announcing your pregnancy. We are very happy for you, but may feel envious of your pregnancy. Just be sensitive and give us some tender love and care.
  3. Don’t ask us if we’re pregnant yet. Chances are when we are pregnant, you will definitely hear about it (we may shout it from the rooftop!).
  4. Think hard about your fertility advice before you give it to us. We appreciate your advice but only if it’s going to be helpful! Telling us to have sex during ovulation is not exactly helpful (we’ve tried that many, many times).
  5. Hugs are always welcome. Keep them coming!