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Hush, Little Biological Clock

We know. You want to be pregnant, and you want to have a baby, like, yesterday. But sometimes you just have to shush your biological clock and try to be patient. So here's a lullabye you can use to shush it!

    Hush little biological clock, don’t make a fuss,
    Mama’s trying to get you a healthy uter-us.
    If that uterus just won’t sit,
    Mama’s going to buy you an ovulation kit.
    If that ovulation kit wants to lie,
    Mama’s going to try an IUI.
    If that IUI looks smug,
    Mama’s going to buy you a fertility drug.
    If that drug makes you heave,
    Mama’s going to stop at nothing to conceive.
    So hush little future baby, you’re worth the wait.
    Daddy and I are excited to procreate.