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I Am More than My Infertility!

Sometimes you may feel like your life is all about infertility, fertility drugs and wanting a baby. It’s easy to feel stuck in an infertility depression.

But we’re here to gently remind you that you are more than your infertility issues! You didn’t always worry about fertility, so try to remember who you were before you got stuck in this infertility journey.

Repeat after us:

I am more than my infertility!

I have goals and hopes and dreams and I refuse to define myself as infertile.

I am a fantastic wife, girlfriend or partner.

I am a career-driven professional.

I am a great friend to others and I am a supportive daughter, cousin, aunt or niece.

I am a creator, a writer, a thinker, a doer, a lover and a fighter!

I am more than my infertility and it will never define me.

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