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Ice, Ice, Baby

A new buzz around the internet claims that applying ice to a man’s scrotum will improve his fertility. While the concept of keeping cool holds true, your guy may not have to literally resort to ice cubes to boost sperm production.

The temperature of a man’s scrotum is about 6 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the temperature of the rest of his body. The lower temperature helps healthy sperm production and when temperature rises, sperm production slows down. By avoiding excessive heat and being mindful of clothing that is too tight or too warm, your man might be doing his swimmers a favor.

Here are a few heat sources in unsuspecting places your guy should avoid:

  • The gym. He should be mindful of how long he is sitting on a bike or workout bench; avoid saunas. Temperatures can rise quickly, especially when working out or sitting in a steam room.

  • His laptop. Studies have shown that after less than a half hour of laptop use (placing the laptop on his lap), a man’s scrotal temperature rose 2 degrees Fahrenheit!

  • The hot tub. Ok, this one might be a bit more obvious, but you would be surprised how many men don’t think about their time in a hot tub as a cause of male factor infertility. The same applies to hot showers or baths.

  • His car. Those heated seats may feel nice in the cold winter months, but if you’re trying to conceive, it is best to forego the heater (especially considering seats without a heater can cause temperatures to rise too).

  • The bed. He should think twice before wearing fleece or sweatpants to bed and covering up with extra blankets. To boost fertility, he should try sleeping in cooler conditions like lightweight pants or shorts.

Remember, cooler temperatures promote healthy sperm production and sperm regenerates every three months. Making small changes now can improve the success of your fertility treatment cycle in no time!

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