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Infertile Baby Shower: Who’s Bringing the Alcohol?

If you're experiencing infertility, you probably hate attending baby showers. They can be a difficult place for a woman struggling with fertility issues ESPECIALLY if she just had a failed IVF cycle.

The baby shower is a place to celebrate pregnancy and often times, it becomes difficult to celebrate based on your own private heartache. You have been waiting for your baby shower long enough!

So why not throw a real (or virtual) baby shower for yourself following these simple and amusing steps:

    1. Register for gifts at your closest beer store or favorite restaurant.

    2. Write on the invitation “No Kids or Pregnant Women Allowed.”

    3. Play games like “Guess When I’ll Finally Get Pregnant” or “Pin the Tail on the Uterus.”

    4. Invite your nosy relatives, annoying co-workers and fertile friends and make them wear a t-shirt that says “Just Relax and Stop Asking.”

    5. Overeat, get a little tipsy and have a good time! You deserve it!

Your real baby shower time will come, but in the meantime, don’t throw yourself a pity party everyday! No one, even yourself, will RSVP.

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