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The Infertile's Guide to Social Media

Here is The Infertile’s Guide to Social Media:

Facebook: How many friends on your list are pregnant or posting photos of their bellies or ultrasounds? Unlike! Click the ‘unfriend’ or ‘hide’ button when you feel like Facebook should be called "FertileBook" instead! And don't forget to friend FertilityAuthority on Facebook.

Twitter: Follow @FertilityAuthor for the latest in fertility news, blogs, columns and more.

Four Square:

  • Checked in at the fertility clinic at 7 a.m. for a blood and ultrasound appointment.
  • Checked in at the pharmacy buying fertility meds.
  • Checked in at my embryo transfer appointment.
  • Hoping to make a baby!

LinkedIn: Profession: Full time baby making machine. Looking for a job with good health care benefits, maternity leave and an understanding employer who will let me leave the office for fertility appointments.

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