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Infertility and the Green Monster in You

It’s strange. You would never describe yourself as a jealous person. A woman flirts with your husband and you’re mildly flattered. Your friend gets a great promotion at work and you’re genuinely happy for her.

But when someone gets pregnant, whether a friend or a complete stranger, you’re jealous. Your evil side emerges.

It doesn’t even matter who it is. You’re completely envious of all your pregnant friends equally, not to mention complete strangers, Facebook friends, even your dry cleaner’s daughter.

It’s okay and very normal to feel envious. Stop feeling guilty if you burst into sad tears when your best friend announced her pregnancy. Jealousy is a completely normal emotion when it comes to infertility and you’re still a good, kind person even if you sometimes feel like a green monster.

When feelings of jealousy emerge, try to think of positive thoughts and do something special for yourself. If you think about it, someone is probably jealous of you, too.

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