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Infertility Competition

We all know women, unlike men, don't have a competitive nature ...

Oh really?

If we 'fess up, we all want to be prettier, smarter, taller, thinner and have nicer hair, better clothes and a hotter husband than our friends. We want to be the most fertile, too. And if we have friends who have trouble conceiving, we want to be the most fertile among the infertile ones.

Just remember that there are 7.3 million infertile people out there — and 7.3 million different infertility stories.

So, stick to your own infertility story.

  • Don't waste time lamenting that your best friend got married a month after you did and already is on her second child. (Did I just make her motherhood sound like a second trip to the buffet?) Give her a dirty look (just one now) ... and keep it moving.
  • If you try a fertility treatment that worked for your cousin but doesn't work for you, curse her under your breath at Thanksgiving ... and keep it moving.
  • If you've been told that being overweight might be a factor in your fertility problems, and your neighbor who outweighs you by your average third grader is pregnant with her fourth, get up at dawn and steal her newspaper off the driveway ... and keep it moving.

Because nobody's life is perfect. Sure, you may have fertility issues, but those around you have plenty of issues too: Your neighbor has no paper to read, your cousin has turkey indigestion from Thanksgiving stress, and your best friend has you giving her dirty looks through the sneeze guard at the buffet — and they probably have a few other things on their plates, too.