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Infertility by Me

There are so many great fertility books out there, exploring all topics of your infertility journey. There is even an Infertility for Dummies..

But if you were to write your own fertility book, what would your book be titled?

Here are the Daily Shot’s suggestions:

    1. When Am I Going to Get Pregnant Already?

    2. IVF: Why in the World Didn’t It Work the First Time?

    3. My Friends Are All Pregnant And All I Got Was This Lousy Book.

    4. What’s Wrong With You, Uterus?

    5. I Relaxed and It Didn’t Just Happen.

    6. Stop Giving Me Fertility Advice, Mom.

    7. Low Sperm Count and Other Fun Stories.

    8. Not Pregnant, Just Fat from Fertility Medication.

    9. Everyone on Facebook is Pregnant.

    10. Forget You, Fertility Diet – I’m Drinking Coffee.

Best of luck getting a publisher!