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Infertility in the Media

Infertility is a taboo topic that few people discuss in public. The funny thing about infertility is that a celebrity spotted at a Hollywood fertility clinic, an episode of our favorite sitcom discussing a miscarriage, or a movie featuring a long battle with infertility suddenly opens us up to sharing our most personal journeys. With 7.3 million people diagnosed with infertility, you may be surprised to find friends, coworkers, and even family members who share your experiences. Here are Fertility Authority’s picks for most conversation-worthy infertility sitcom plot lines sure to get the conversation started:

Downton Abbey
After struggling to conceive for several months, Mary and Matthew Crawley find out that Mary’s younger sister, Sybil, has gotten pregnant unexpectedly after her marriage to Tom Branson. Mary and Matthew each make a separate, secret journey to a fertility doctor in London and Mary undergoes a procedure to clear her uterus (fibroid removal, perhaps? Or maybe endometrial scratch?) Mary’s mother also experienced infertility in the form of miscarriage in a prior episode.

30 Rock
Liz Lemon decides to give single motherhood a try and begins taking fertility drugs. Unable to handle the side effects of the hormone injections, she changes her mind and opts to pursue adoption.

How I Met Your Mother
Robin suspected she was pregnant and deduced that the father would have been Barney. She panicked at the thought of losing her independence, then discovered she was not only not pregnant, but also infertile.

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