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Infertility Myths

    Fertility Myth: If you got pregnant easily with your first child, you won’t suffer from infertility.
    Fertility Fact: Ever heard of secondary infertility? Many couples who had no problems conceiving baby No. 1 can still have problems getting pregnant the second time around. Secondary infertility is very common, and you might want to get checked out by your doctor if you’re having trouble.

    Fertility Myth: If in vitro fertilization (IVF) doesn’t work on the first attempt, it will never work.
    Fertility Fact: Not true! Getting pregnant can be difficult whether you conceive on your own or try a fertility procedure. Sometimes an expensive procedure like in vitro fertilization just doesn’t work on the first try, and there is no reasonable explanation. IVF can still work after multiple attempts.

    Fertility Myth: We don’t know any other couple dealing with infertility but us.
    Fertility Fact: That is probably false. Couples often remain quiet about their infertility issues, and it can make people feel very alone in their struggle. In actuality, many couples struggle quietly with infertility, and you might have several friends or acquaintances going through similar problems. You just might not know it.

    Fertility Myth: Go on vacation, and you’ll come back pregnant
    Fertility Fact: Unless you’re heading to Fertile Island, this old piece of fertility advice probably won’t happen. But sitting on a beach, enjoying the weather and relaxing will help you de-stress, and who knows what can happen then!