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Infertility Vacation: Should You Travel to See a Fertility Doctor?

Many fertility patients choose a fertility doctor based on two important factors: IVF success rates and fertility treatment costs.

Some will travel to other states to visit the clinic with the highest success rates, and others will travel internationally (reproductive tourism) to take advantage of low-cost IVF. But should you really pack your bags for an infertility vacation?

Consider this these facts about traveling for fertility treatment:

  • Traveling out-of-state to a clinic that offers low-cost IVF might not be as inexpensive as it sounds. The costs of travel add up quickly. Multiply that by the number of cycles needed to get pregnant, and you might have benefited from seeing a fertility doctor in your own backyard.

  • Success rates are not always what they seem. Data reported to the CDC and SART varies according to number of cycles performed at the clinic, the fertility clinic’s cycle cancellation policies, and age or diagnosis cut offs. Make sure you know how local clinics really compare to the out-of-town clinic. You probably have a highly successful clinic closer to home! Read: Understanding The CDC Report on IVF Success Rates.

  • Coordinating cycles, tests, and other logistics from afar can add to the stress of fertility treatment. Factor in sending your blood work and ultrasound results to the clinic in a timely fashion, and you’ll be exhausted just thinking about it.

  • Fertility clinics in other countries are not held to the same regulations as clinics in the United States. This includes medications and procedures that may be approved overseas, but not in the US. Make sure you consider all factors before traveling for IVF.

To save yourself time, stress, and money, our Patient Care Coordinators will connect you with a reputable fertility clinic. We have done our research and will keep you close to home (or match you with an out-of-town clinic if you insist). Give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or fill out the Contact Fertility Doctors Near Me Form and visit to hear what others are saying about fertility doctors across the country.

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