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Infertility's Like Racing Up the Down Escalator

Dealing with infertility is like racing up the down escalator! You desperately want to get to the top but you keep getting pulled in a downward direction.

When you were a kid -- despite mom’s disapproval -- you probably loved running up the down escalator. You'd climb those stairs, determined to reach the top despite being pulled downward after each step. And you always reached the top. Every single time.

It takes effort to reach the top when you have uncertainty and heartache pulling you down. But in your childhood self, you were able to conquer and reach your goal. And perseverance allowed you to do it over and over again.

When you feel like you can’t see the top of the escalator, please keep going.

One day, you’ll be able to reach your goal and you'll be thankful you kept on trying.

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Chin up and eyes on the prize!