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IVF Success Rates: Did You Know?

Not all in vitro fertilization (IVF) success rates are created equal. Although the CDC requires fertility clinics to follow guidelines when reporting their data, there are several variables that can affect a clinic’s statistics.

The following are Fertility Authority's five facts you may not have known about fertility clinic IVF success rates:

  • It takes the CDC three years to collect one year’s worth of data from all of the fertility clinics across the United States. They can’t determine the success of an embryo transfer performed on December 31st...on December 31st, make sense?
  • The number of cycles performed influences success rates. More cycles performed at a fertility clinic equals less variation year to year; less cycles equals greater variation year to year.
  • Cycles are reported on a per-cycle basis rather than a per-patient basis. If a patient has two failed IVF cycles before finally having 1 successful IVF cycle, that counts as two failed cycles to one successful cycle even though the end result was a success.
  • Some clinics have age cutoffs, some have diagnosis cutoffs, and some are really strict with cancelling cycles. All of these factors can influence live birth rate success rates.
  • The number of embryos available for transfer impacts the odds for successful implantation and live birth. Natural cycles produce fewer eggs, thus fewer opportunities to find a great quality embryo. Some clinics transfer multiple embryos, while others encourage Single Embryo Transfer (SET). Transferring more than one embryo will not increase your odds for success, but can increase your risk of complications, pre-term labor, or pregnancy loss.

Rather than rely on success rates to choose the fertility clinic that’s right for you, enlist the help of our Patient Care Coordinators! They can match you to a fertility clinic not only based on success rates, but also based on your diagnosis, location, and insurance or financing options.

So, go ahead and catch up on the DVR and leave the hard work to them. Call 1-855-955-BABY(2229) or fill out the Contact Fertility Doctors Near Me Form.

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