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Let’s talk Mittelschmerz, Ovulation Pain

Mittelschmerz, or "middle pain", is one sign that ovulation is near. However, it is only experienced by 20% of women on average and is typically a mild to moderate ovarian pain that can go unnoticed.

There are more accurate means of monitoring ovulation, including charting basal body temperature (BBT), charting cervical mucus, and using ovulation prediction kits (OPKs):

  • Basal Body Temperature: By taking your temperature first thing in the morning before you get out of bed, you can get a good idea of your starting temperature and will notice when you experience a temperature spike, indicating ovulation. Use an oral thermometer and graphing paper to look for a slight 0.4 degree Fahrenheit spike in temperature.
  • Cervical mucus: As your body nears ovulation, cervical mucus changes to a raw egg white consistency which allows sperm to swim to the ovulated egg. For most accurate results, you should collect cervical mucus from around the cervix. You can track these changes on your BBT chart, as well, for a bigger picture.
  • Ovulation prediction kits: OPKs take the guess work out of tracking ovulation. These tests detect a hormone surge in your urine and are used between days 10-15 of your cycle. A positive test indicates ovulation is near. You can use OPKs in conjunction with BBT and cervical mucus charting.

Despite the fact that Mittelschmerz sounds like an extremely scientific and promising predictor of ovulation, it might not be the most reliable way of catching that egg in time to get pregnant.

For more information on ovulation and pregnancy tests, visit the BBT, OPK, and HPT forum.

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