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Listen up, TLC!

If you’re struggling with infertility, watching television shows like “A Baby Story” and “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” doesn’t really help. We can’t help but to watch these shows and wish there were more realistic programs that actually show the heartache and struggle of the infertility process.

Hey TLC, here are some of our reality television show ideas that would portray infertility in a more realistic way…

    1. John and Kate plus Ovulate

    2. Real Infertile Housewives of Orange County

    3. Nineteen IUI’s and Counting

    4. I Don’t Know How to Get Pregnant

    5. Fertility Clinic Fun

    6. When Am I Going to Have a Baby?

    7. Just Relax and It Won’t Happen

    8. 40 and Still Trying

    9. Biggest Spender

    10. A Test Tube Baby Story

Call us, TLC! We'll produce.