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A Little Needling

Did you just find out that you might need some help getting pregnant? We’re sure you’ve heard how expensive treatments can be. And who knows what will ultimately work to get you to your goal: to have a baby.

One thing is for sure: being an anxious wreck will not do you any good. We’re not saying “just relax.” Promise. The TTC life has many twists and turns. You’ll need some help in the mellowing-out department.

On that note, acupuncture is a relatively affordable way to start your TTC journey. Most sessions range in price from $60-$125, depending on length and actual treatment. And some insurance plans are starting to cover costs.

Acupuncture has been shown to improve circulation, uterine health and anxiety levels. Many doctors support acupuncture as a measure for lowering anxiety right before and right after fertility treatments.

Now you can spend your time on the massage table relaxing both in body and mind. This is one hour of your day when you don’t have to think about medical bills, doctor’s appointments, or your ovulation cycle. Just lie back and relax. (Shoot! We said it.)