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Location, Location, Location

As any good real estate agent knows, it’s all about location when buying a house. The same can be said when finding a fertility doctor.

You want the right reproductive endocrinologist, and sometimes that means making a longer car trip. Think to yourself, “is this the best doctor for me?” Driving a long distance can be an emotionally draining process. Remember that during your cycles, you might have early morning appointments, and there is a good chance, you’ll be waking up by 5 a.m. even on weekends. Ask yourself: Is there a good doctor close to my home? Will my appointments interfere with my job? Will I have to drive two hours to the clinic almost every single day?

Sometimes, you really have no choice. If the best doctor is a couple of hours away, you will do whatever you need to do to achieve a pregnancy. (it’s just too bad you can’t give the clinic your gas bill!).

If you’re looking for a good clinic close to home, check out what doctors are in your neighborhood.