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Make His Sperm Pack Punch

Studies have shown that zinc can boost sperm count. It can be taken in tablet form, but we've been told the body absorbs it more readily when it occurs naturally in food.

With this yummy recipe you can sneak it onto your guy's (aka, sperm donor's) menu. It features two zinc rich foods: chick peas and tahini (sesame) paste.

Zinc-on-the-Sly Hummus Recipe

    1 can chick peas (also called garbanzo beans)

    1/4 cup tahini paste (found at any natural grocer)

    Juice of one lemon

    Two crushed garlic cloves

    Splash of olive oil

    Salt to taste

Rinse chick peas in water. Combine all ingredients in food processor or blender until thoroughly combined. Serve with pita bread and veggies like cucumber, carrots and red bell pepper.

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