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Make My Shot Alcoholic

Tired of sticking to a fertility diet?

We all know it’s important to stay healthy when trying to conceive, but sometimes you just feel like eating whatever you want. Maybe you’re craving a large pizza? A latté? Or a mouth-watering butter tart?

Well, we say just go for it! During the infertility process, it’s great to treat yourself once and awhile. After all, you definitely deserve it!

Go out for a girls’ spa day, treat yourself to a massage, enjoy a cappuccino, curl up in bed with your favorite book! Even though you want a child so badly, this is really the time to think about yourself and enjoy spending time with your sweetheart alone.

Your free time will soon be limited so take this opportunity to go on a date night, get a pedicure and eat that piece of chocolate cake.

(If you want to eat an entire chocolate cake, we don’t recommend that, however!)

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