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Monday (Infertility) Madness

Does this sound familiar? It’s Monday morning, and you drag yourself out of bed, grab some breakfast, run to meetings, answer e-mails, drive home through traffic and relax on the couch, feeling exhausted.

If you’re also going through fertility treatments, your hectic Monday morning might start with an early morning blood test and ultrasound appointment (who doesn’t love getting jabbed with a needle at 7 a.m.? Ouch!). By the time you get to work, you may feel like you’ve been awake for hours.

So how do you change your madness Monday into a mellow Monday? Stop and take a 10-minute breather at your desk. Schedule a few minutes to close your eyes, stretch your legs and just breathe. If you have co-workers walking by, find a quiet place in your office, your car (or even sitting on the toilet!) to take your personal break. You’ll find that you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and energized. Start each work week on the right foot, and turn your hectic day into a Mellow Monday (which will also lead to a Terrific Tuesday)!