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This Month in Celebrity Fertility News

Here's what's going on with the stars!

  • Who’s the Boss star, Alyssa Milano, 38, is expecting her first child. She claims she is craving broccoli instead of junk food and showing those vegetables who’s the boss now.
  • Bachelor reality star Melissa Rycroft gave birth to a baby girl this month. Baby Ava Grace arrived weighing 6 lbs. 13 oz. I guess we lost the name bet, and she didn’t end up naming her baby Molly (Mesnick), after all.
  • Mega fertile mom Michelle Duggar, from 19 Kids and Counting, thought she was pregnant again this month. It turned out she had just gained some excess weight from eating too many donuts. Phew!
  • Yet again, Jennifer Aniston, denies that she is adopting a baby or using a surrogate to become a mother. In a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Aniston confirmed that she is not adopting any children at the moment. However, the 42-year-old Friends actress is still thinking about adopting a Chia Pet and naming it Angelina.
  • Justin Bieber made headlines after making comments this month about his views on abortion. It’s rumored that the 15-year-old singer will also make comments about his pre-adolescent experience with infertility and how he feels about going through the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process.