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This Month in Celebrity Fertility News

  • Law & Order actress Elisabeth Röhm recently opened up to People Magazine about her struggle with infertility. Elisabeth, who conceived her daughter through in vitro fertilization (IVF), told the magazine “I hope I can share a little reprieve and compassion with any person who is struggling with the decision to have a family in an unconventional way and to receive the support to do so ... I hope you know that there is nothing to be ashamed of at all. I acknowledge your strength in deciding that you have the right to parent.”
  • David and Victoria Beckham are expecting a girl this July. Already the mother of three boys, this little girl will, no doubt, have Victoria’s wicked sense of style.
  • The teenagers from the TV show, Teen Mom, have learned their lesson as they promise to abstain from sexual intercourse for many years. Just kidding. We’re sure that many of them are already having their second babies by now.
  • The extremely fertile family, The Duggars, from 19 Kids and Counting, welcome a grandson this month. The Duggar’s youngest child, 17-month-old MacKynzie, is said to be a very proud first-time aunt and will give her little nephew advice on diaper changes and how to throw a good temper tantrum.
  • After Kate Middleton captures and kisses her prince this Friday, we'll FINALLY know who designed the dress and whether she borrowed the Queen's wedding tiara. To combat the post-wedding let-down, the breathless media will immediately turn their attention to a Royal Baby Watch. (We already know Kate's fertility has probably been tested.) We would advise giving the Royal Couple a few months before the hunt for the baby bump begins.