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This Month in Celebrity Fertility News

What's up with the celebs? Here's a round-up ...

  • Is the royal couple expecting already? During their honeymoon, William and Kate were seen by the local media eating brussel sprouts (a vegetable associated with fertility). When asked why they were eating this (unpopular) vegetable, Kate quickly put pregnancy rumors to rest and responded “The restaurant ran out of cob salad.”
  • Actress Kate Hudson had a star-studded baby shower with guests including Cougar Town’s Courtney Cox. Hudson, who is currently in her third trimester, was quoted as saying she is extremely happy even though her pregnancy was unplanned, leaving infertiles around the world thinking: "How in the world do you have an unplanned pregnancy?"
  • Singer Pink welcomed a baby girl this month named Willow Sage Hart. Rumor has it that if Pink had a baby boy, she would have legally changed her stage name to Blue.
  • Singer Lauryn Hill is pregnant with her sixth child. This fertile mama and her Brady Bunch clan are now in competition with Brad and Angelina about who can have the most children.