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This Month in Celebrity Fertility News

  • Victoria Beckham gave birth to a baby girl this month named Harper Seven. Harper is the fourth (and supposedly final) child for this celebrity couple. Note to Posh — if you’re going to name your kid after a number, "Harper 7" would have been much cooler.
  • In similar trending number baby names, Natalie Portman gave birth to a baby boy named Aleph Portman-Millepied. Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and means one. Maybe Baby One and Baby Seven could be friends one day?
  • Singer Jessica Simpson denied rumors that she is expecting after being photographed with a potential baby bump. Simpson responded to baby rumors by saying: "Just had too much ice cream this summer. It’s hot, y'all."
  • Actor Neil Patrick Harris announced that his twins (born through surrogacy) will call him "Poppy" and will call his partner "Daddy." The same-sex couple admitted that they had a difficult time figuring out what their children should call them. We were hoping that his babies would just refer to him as Daddy Doogie instead.
  • Katie Holmes and Jennifer Aniston. Not pregnant or adopting this summer. Stay tuned for more news next week.