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The Multiple Mommy

Did you ever think that one day you could be a mommy of twins, triplets or even (gasp) quadruplets? In the world of fertility treatments, a multiple pregnancy is quite common due to multiple egg production and trying to maximize your chances using fertility medications.

Right now you may feel like being the next Octomom sounds pretty good, but try to think realistically about what it would be like to actually have multiples. Are you ready for the commitment? Can you afford it? Is your partner ready to have multiples?

Having more than a singleton pregnancy can come with many risks, including premature birth, high risk pregnancy, and financial and marital strain.

Before you allow your fertility doctor to transfer six fertilized eggs into your body, make sure than you are ready for the outcome. If you are only comfortable with having one baby or twins, make sure you don’t feel pressured to put back a dozen.

It’s a lifetime commitment, so give it some thought first.