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Mute Those Biological Clocks!

Tick, Tock. Tick,Tock ...

Is that the sound of your alarm clock? Or is it your biological clock waking you up in the morning? When you want a baby, your body seems to want a baby right at that moment, but as we all know, sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Your body might just have to wait to get pregnant, and you may hear your inner clock ticking away as each month or year goes by.

Feel like time is running out? It’s true that age has an effect, and you’re not as fertile as you were in your early 20s, but you are probably not a senior citizen just yet (it only feels like it sometimes).

Breathe, relax and try to remember that trying to get pregnant does take time for everyone. In the meantime, put your biological clock on mute and just remember that you are still probably younger than you feel.