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My Coworkers Are All Pregnant

Alicia from accounting is pregnant. Jessica from sales is due in two weeks. Melissa R. is expecting this summer and Melissa S. just announced her twin pregnancy. And don’t forget to congratulate your boss on becoming a first-time grandmother.

Why does it feel like everyone in your workplace is pregnant? Is there something in the water? You’ve been drinking that same water for months, and you’re still not pregnant yet. Workplace pregnancies can be difficult, especially if you’re struggling with infertility. You might have to plan baby showers for your expecting co-workers or have to listen to Alicia from accounting tell you that “you’re next to get pregnant.” Grunt.

Before you go on strike (or start sobbing during a staff/board meeting), just breathe. You might not know when your turn will be but just keep believing Alicia when she says that “you’re next.” (It's either that or eat extra cake during her baby shower).

One day, it WILL be your turn, too.